Construction management

Construction Management is the organization of the works for the building construction and related technical construction activities of the other key areas of work between the builder (customer) and the agent on the basis of construction manager.

The construction manager is a company, acting as a representative of authorized contractor, managing and organizing the construction and other related technical activities of the other key areas of work carried out by the recruitment of a natural or legal persons.


  • represent the client in collaboration with the contractors;
  • organize the meetings and their documentation;
  • monthly report about the project;
  • organize contract bidding, provide the analysis, evaluation and comparison;
  • represent a client in negotiations with contractors;
  • coordinate all construction works;
  • manage duration, scope, cost and quality;
  • coordinate the construction site installation and its operation;
  • organize the work of the commission for recognition of building usability;
  • maintain the management during warranty period.

To improve the construction quality in Lithuania and to promote close cooperation between the participants during construction works are the main tasks of UAB „Bioprojektas“ .

Quality, reliability, durability, and high standards of business ethics are our values.

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